COUNSELLING: An individual, couple or family needs counseling when their lives are being disrupted by know or unknown issues. These issues may have its origination from the individuals prenatal, infancy, childhood, adolescent, teenager, early adult hood stage or later years of life. People suffer in different ways based on the inward injuries they experienced. These injuries may be manifested in harmful outward behaviors, such as, anxiety, anger, fear, coarse language, perverted or unacceptable behaviors, depression, avoidance, addiction, low self-esteem, identity, abnormal conflicts or marital issues, etc. The object of counseling is to educate, encourage, restore, enrich and enable people, to experience healing and wholeness in their life. This will come about when trust, honesty, transparency and confidentiality are in the core of the relationship between the hurting party and a trained compassionate, professional Christian counselor.

COACHING: Coaching is a continuous, transparent, personal relationship between the coach and his client. Here the client wants to make changes in his or her life in order to maximize their God given potential. Coaching explores the dreams, hopes and fears of the person and focuses on the actions their client needs to take towards their goal. A coach comes along side his client, meets him or her at whatever stage they are in life and help them find new paths towards their vision. He does not advise or tell the client what to do, but asks the right questions to help his clients get the answers and direction based on who God created them to be. A Christian coach is prayerful, friendly, fair and firm and holds his clients accountable to their endeavors until their dreams and possibilities become reality.