Singles, you are not alone. There are over six million Canadians over eighteen years of age who have never been married. Over twelve million are single parents, most with children. They are not only single but most probably searching too. Fifty percent of people who have been married from three to five years are seeking to be single again.

It’s never too late; it doesn’t matter what the purpose of your singleness is. If your heart is set on marriage, God is willing to help you find a mate that will end in marriage until death.


1. Some chose not to marry because of what society is becoming.
2. Some think they have committed the unforgivable sin and are not worthy.
3. Some are tired of searching.
4. Some were married and found what Paul said in 1 Cor. 7:1 to be correct and got divorced.
5. Some have lost their mate through unfaithfulness or death.
6. Some may have other reasons for being single.
(a) Chronic illness, handicaps both mental and physical
(b) Unrealistic views.
(c) Immaturity and unwillingness to accept responsibility.


Everyone has been single at some time in their lives. If viewed by the stigma society has placed on it, singleness will have a harmful effect on singles such as shame, embarrassment, anxiety, fear, loneliness and depression. Singles can also suffer unnecessarily for low self-image and also have problems with identity and direction. God knows of every temptation and frustration that will come to man and he has a way of bringing resolve. Ladies, it’s not about giving yourself to any “Harry Hotrod” that comes around, or men falling for any “Polly Popsicles.”


Singleness is not unnatural, unfortunate and should not be undesirable. It is a time when people have an opportunity to find out who they really are and come to a greater level of maturity; spend the extra time to develop themselves spiritually, professionally, narrow their view of God’s will for their lives, and line themselves up to do more meaningful things in life.


1. Evaluate your attitude toward singleness.
2. Accept yourself in this temporary state (if you are looking for a mate).
3. Always acknowledge the presence of God in your life.
4. Pursue life realistically:
(a) Hang around people who accept you, and who have Godly values.
(b) Be active in your immediate and extended family.
(c) Have a working relationship church family; keep busy pleasing the heart of God, and not only in mainstream events in church.
(d) Get involved and help develop programs to meet unique needs.
(e) Get actively involved in single ministries in Church.
(f) Meet single groups in other churches.
(g) Help new comers in church.
(h) Avoid the heavy emphasis, but keep praying and seeking in dating and match making.
(i) The Bible shows us of the grace of God
(j) It also teaches that it’s not whatever will be will be, but whatever will be is up to me.


There’s a true story of a young man who got lost; the farther he went the more lost he got. Finally, after moping and groping, he pulled into a little town, stopped and called out to a farmer, “Excuse me, sir, but I think I’m lost.” The farmer responded by saying, “Well, do you know where you are?” and the man said, “Yes, sir, I saw the name of the town when I came in.” “Well then,” replied the farmer, “do you know where you want to go?” “Of course I do,” said the young man. “Then you aren’t lost,” said the farmer. “You just need some direction.”
At EMERGE, we help you find your way in the right direction.