Various inner healing prayers have become increasingly common interventions in the form of Christian counselling and ministry. Some are used in mass sessions, in groups of a dozen or on an individual basis.

1. We commence the session with prayer and ask for the ministry of the Holy Spirit in completeness, for leadership, guidance and protection in the entire session.
2. The client is guided into a relaxed state by brief relaxation strategies (e.g., worship, slow, deep breathing, pleasant imagery, prayer, reading of scriptures, Bible imagery).
3. Our clients are guided by help of the Holy Spirit to focus attention on painful past events or traumatic experiences, and to feel the pain, hurt or anger, etc.
4. The Holy Spirit is invited to intervene in the incidents of the past, help them to accept the truth, minister to clients His comfort, love, forgiveness and healing grace. Scriptures of healing are read; hymns or songs of healing are sung as inspired by the Holy Spirit. Sense of it is encouraged to be acknowledged and the Holy Spirit gives an explanation of past event in God’s point of view. Peace, acceptance and forgiveness flows.
5. The counsellor waits upon the Holy Spirit for His leading to minister healing, speaking only when necessary and as led by the Holy Spirit. The counsellor ministers as the Spirit leads, asking gently of the client’s thoughts and feelings, and responding compassionately by Word and Spirit in faith and prophetically.
6. Closing in prayer of thanksgiving.
7. Client is debriefed and discussion of the session with client is done.