Pre-marriage Counsel High priority

Wise couples who wish to enjoy a happy, fruitful married life, live up to their vows of “ until death do we part” and eliminating the risk of divorce, place high priority on pre-marriage counsel. Statistics reveal that those who participate in pre-marriage counsel, though they face the same challenges as other couples, are much more equipped to deal with challenges and therefore enjoy a better marriage and family life.

Failure to prepare for Marriage

Trying to cope with the challenges of training for and changing careers, competition of staying employed, keeping trim and fit, raising children, keeping up with the rapid changes in society in this post modern generation has made marriage very difficult. According to reliable statics about 50 % of first marriages end in separation or divorce. The risk becomes greater with each successive marriage, about 72% for second, and about 85% for third marriages.

People will spend tens of thousands of dollars and fifteen to twenty five years of their lives equipping themselves for a careers, but rarely invest any time or finances on preparing themselves for marriages which is intended to last for a lifetime. Failing to have adequate pre-marriage counsel can lead to painful divorce in just a few years after marriage.

Pre-marriage Counsel Vital

Can you imagine plunging into the deep without ever learning the dynamics of swimming… just hoping that you will figure it out after you take the plunge? The choice to take the dive unprepared will undoubtedly determine whether one sinks or swims.

Couples often enter marriage enjoying the passionate honeymoon phase, feeling this will last forever with little or no effort to keep the flame going. However after the honeymoon phase is over the reality season begins. This is the time when they have to take off their ballroom attire and put on the work boots and gloves and used the necessary tools to keep the garden of marriage flourishing and fruitful. Some realize that they are not equip to do the work and think that divorce is the solution.

By preparing for marriage through adequate pre-marriage counsel, couples invest in their marriage and thereby give themselves a better chance to have their dreams of marriage become reality. Studies show that pre-marriage counsel can reduce the potential for divorce by about 30%.

What is the process of Pre-marriage Counsel?

Our pre-marital counseling process begins with a comprehensive relationship questionnaire that is filled out online by each member of the couple. There are no right or wrong answers. The survey identifies with great precision based on information gathered the couple’s strengths and the areas for growth within their relationship. The questions probes areas such as communication skills, conflict resolution, family and friends, sex, child raising, finances, roles and responsibilities and spiritual beliefs. The data gathered is evaluated and presented in a detailed report utilizing easy-to-understand text and clear graphics.

There are typically one to five feed-back sessions depending on the areas identified for development. The knowledge and guidance received through our pre-marriage counsel/guidance will have great benefits for the couples and their family and help leave a remarkable legacy for generations to come.