Divorce will affect people in negative ways emotionally, behaviorally, socially and spiritually. It often has a lifelong affect upon the divorcee and their children, parents, grandparents other family members, employees, employers, friends, neighbors, the church family and even any future marriages.

Emotional Effects: It is endless and creates anxiety, fear sadness, depression, anger, bitterness, frustration, confusion, period’s deep regret, thoughts of and even the committal of  suicide. We were not created to endure long periods of tension, for this reason serious illness often follows.

Behavioral Effects:  Divorces not only affect our feelings but also  behavior. It  affects  how and what the divorcee eat and drink, how and when the bills are paid, how they solve their daily challenges within the family or at work, how they take care of themselves and their belongings, discolor the views of their future and how they pursue it. Efforts in their pursuits in life may decline, efficiency reduces and in many cases, and the divorcee may be more susceptible to mishaps as they continue in life.

Social Effects:  When divorce occurs every one in the community suffer. Family members are shocked some become afraid and discouraged. Allies try to be supportive. Some may condemn, blame or treat from either or both parties accusingly. Friends may feel awkward and will not know how to react or what to say in their presence. The divorced experiences loneliness, insecurity while some have problems with sex and self-control. Some as well as their children get involved in abuse the use of drugs and alcohol.

Spiritual Effects: Divorce like any other tragedy in life will sometimes pull people closer to God for guidance and protection while others will turn their anger to Him, fall away the church family, and disregard the call and purposes of God for their life.

Christian Counseling: Christian Counselors use biblical principles, the help of the Holy Spirit and modern technology diagnose the weak areas of marriages and make them stronger, find unaddressed issues that brought the relationship at the critical stage and address them, help t eliminate bad habits and encourage couples to live a harmonious Christ centered relationship.