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by George Sukhdeo

Infidelity can be likened to a flood that gradually creeps into a farmer’s field. If not dealt with appropriately from its commencement, it can result in great disaster. Like a tsunami, the flood comes in bringing everything that destroys: contaminated water, debris, dead animals and dangerous living creatures such as crocodiles, alligators, snakes or fire […]

Enriching Marriage Relationships

by George Sukhdeo

There has been an assault on marriages since incident with Adam and Eve in Garden of Eden. It continued through the ages but escalated since the beginning of world war one in 1914, when thousands of men went to war and most of the remaining, along with women had to work rotating shifts in factories […]

The Difference Between a Counsellor and a Coach

by George Sukhdeo

COUNSELLING: An individual, couple or family needs counseling when their lives are being disrupted by know or unknown issues. These issues may have its origination from the individuals prenatal, infancy, childhood, adolescent, teenager, early adult hood stage or later years of life. People suffer in different ways based on the inward injuries they experienced. These […]

Building a Personal, Intimate & Eternal Relationship with God

by George Sukhdeo

Personal intimacy is built when we go further than just knowing about someone, to experiencing them in personal way, by hearing and experiencing each other responses directly. This will happen by spending quality time together, listening, observing and sharing. The same is necessary in establishing a personal intimate relationship with God. By merely attending church […]


by George Sukhdeo

Loneliness has been referred to as the world’s most common mental health problem. It is one of the most universal sources of human suffering. People in all walks of life, experience it regardless of the culture, class, race, or sex. It is a condition that affects all ages at some season in their life and […]

Spiritual Warfare In Wilder World

by George Sukhdeo

We are living in an imperfect world, alongside imperfect people. The foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink are all polluted. The numerous world systems — capitalism, socialism, communism, democracy, apartheid, liberalism, humanism and others — are flawed. They help a little but do work against humanity as a whole. Added […]

Keys to Christian Couselling

by George Sukhdeo
7 Keys

There are seven vital keys to be applied in Christian counselling to in order to facilitate, healing, reconciliation and restoration. They are biblical and universal. Surveys reveal that the success rate of Christian counselling is remains at a high level of 85 percent. In order to maintain or increase this level of fruitfulness, these factors […]

Deep Restoration

by George Sukhdeo

All of us have experienced traumas of some nature earlier in our lives, and some have not been resolved. Unfortunately, it affects us in our current life and relationships. They may have occurred in prenatal times or some time in the frame of the developmental stages of our life. Life’s traumas, if not dealt with […]