Personal intimacy is built when we go further than just knowing about someone, to experiencing them in personal way, by hearing and experiencing each other responses directly. This will happen by spending quality time together, listening, observing and sharing. The same is necessary in establishing a personal intimate relationship with God.

By merely attending church services once per week and the returning of tithes is not enough to build a personal intimate relationship with God. Building a personal intimate relationship with Him requires honest desire, disciplines in our effort, inviting the Holy Spirit to live in us, reading the bible on a daily basis, and yielding the to promptings of the Holy Spirit in our hearts .

The spending of time in prayer, communing with God is vital. As blood is to the body so is communication to any relationship. We must begin honoring adoring give Him praise for his grace towards us. These are followed by sharing, challenges, fears, and faith etc. Then we make our desires know to Him. Bearing in mind that transparency and humility should always be the attitude of our hearts. He will not be angry with us if or when we fail, but will be kind, compassionate, understanding, forgiving and willing to help us in areas of our need . The writing of a daily journal, recording our requests, His verbal responses directing us what to do, and the results of prayers, will be of great help in confirming the reality of our personal relationship with Him.

Reading daily, portions of the Bible, starting with the Gospel of John, and continuing to read the New Testament will help us to keeping within the range of hearing and being sensitive to His Voice. As we continue to read the Bible we will also get to know the truth about our self and Our Heavenly Father. We will get to understand His mind, the way He thinks and responds in all situations in life.
Quality time must be spent with Him, being to be still, quiet in our spirit and mind and by faith listen to what The Spirit of God is saying to us, and try to grasp what He is saying to us in light of what we read in His written word.

The attendance of a weekly worship service at a Bible teaching church with focus on worshiping Him in spirit and truth is necessary. Accepting the teaching from the pastor with an open heart and trying to filter from the messages what God is saying to us very important. Establishing a working relationship with the local church and building relationships with other mature Christians, who can encourage us as we seek to develop a relationship with Him, will help.

By trial and error we will increasingly experience a personal intimate and eternal relationship with God.