Will my information be confidential?

All our clients’ affairs are strictly confidential, with the exception of the intervention of or required compliance with governmental authorities.

What happens during the counselling session?

During the first visit you will be requested to arrive thirty minutes before the scheduled appointment to fill out our intake form so that you can be better served. In the first session, you will be given the opportunity to describe you challenges. Questions will be asked to determine your needs and expectations. At the same time, an effort will be made to build a trusting and understanding relationship between you and the counsellor.

In the first session, it is not unusual for the counselled to experience feelings of uptightness, nervousness or shyness. For most Christian counsellors, compassion and understanding are part of their nature and they can often even empathize with you to some extent.

How long is a counselling session?

Each counselling session lasts for fifty minutes and could go longer if other arrangements have been made. The frequency of counseling is primarily the counselled’s decision, though recommendations may be made by the counsellor.

How many sessions are involved in the counselling process?

The number of sessions required depends on the challenges and can vary from client to client and case to case. Requirements can range from three sessions and up. The counsellor will be able to give you an idea of how many sessions will be required.

What are the fees involved?

The fees for one session are $120. A sliding scale for lower income families can be arranged.

As a business owner, can my counselling expenses be covered through my business?

You may be able to use our fees as a business expense. This would depend upon your coverage and type of counselling service that is requested. For further information, contact a qualified tax professional or accountant.

Is counselling covered by my health benefits?

Our service is covered by most extended health care benefit plans, as well as auto insurance plans, LTD, and WSIB. The cost of counselling may be reimbursed if it is covered by an extended medical benefits plan that insures professional counselling services. Reimbursement is the sole responsibility of the client. Reimbursement is not guaranteed. Each insurance company has its own policies. To confirm that coverage is available, consult with your insurer’s representative. It is important to note that the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) does not cover counselling services. A receipt is issued at your request and may be used for reimbursement requests or for tax purposes.

How does probing my past and present help?

Sharing misfortunes, pain and problems of the past can be key factors in facilitating healing and restoration. These experiences will no longer be stumbling blocks but stepping stones, and will lead to wisdom, insight and a faster recovery.