The Bible teaches us that marriage is a holy covenant between a man and a woman. It was established by God for the purpose of building happy, joyful and fruitful families.

Marriage is to be a lifelong and unconditional commitment in which each party endeavours to so whatever they can to make the relationship better and become one, regardless of the other party’s weaknesses, failures and changes that may take place in their lives. The relationship must exist in a loving, honouring, respectful, forgiving, reconciliatory and caring environment.

In today’s society, especially in the western world, marriage has become an unstable institution, with millions of people divorcing each year. Many who stay together tolerate their partner but are not necessarily happy. Marital conflict is a symptom of selfishness, greed, lack of love, unwillingness to forgive, anger, bitterness, and emotional and sexual abuse.

For marriage to be as God intended, both parties should leave their parents and cleave to their mates, who become their priority. In-laws can eventually become outlaws in a marriage if they do not maintain a healthy distance and allow their married children to bond and become one.

Becoming one is more than being physical and it involves more than sex. It means that both partners share everything they have, including their bodies, their earnings, material inheritances and possessions, their thoughts and feelings, joys, sorrows, hopes, fears, successes and failures.
At Emerge, we help you and your spouse clearly understand the specific issues that are causing problems. We teach you how to communicate constructively, how to solve the problem, and make proper decisions and choices. We help you express your frustrations, distress and desires in a congenial manner. Finally, we help you build a marriage based on Biblical principles, keep it healthy and stay together if you desire to do so.

Our primary method of counselling is face-to-face personal counselling, although we do follow up through telephone and email support when a personal meeting is not convenient. We model our methods on several successful professional techniques, including the cognitive behavioral approach and the pray-through process.

Our Unique Approach

  • Though we use new knowledge and resources, our counsel is based on the Word of God. We primarily rely on the Holy Spirit and every case is treated uniquely as it presents itself.
  • Our counselling effectively helps you deal with your past and overcome fear, pain, guilt, resentment, an inability to forgive and other issues. We help you have a healthy view of your past, present and future, we offer aid in charting the course of your life, and we coach you as you enter into a new period of fruitful living.
  • The love and compassion of our counsellors allow them to empathize with and minister to you in the truth and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Your success depends not only on your faith and obedience but also the grace of God.
  • We believe that the spiritual, psychological and physiological dimensions of human beings are intricately related, and we rely on God-given resources (theology, psychology and medical science) and proven methods of cognitive and behavioral therapy.

We deal with a wide variety of personal and interpersonal topics. We can help you with:

  • Absolute Priorities
  • Integrity & Commitment
  • Needs & Priorities
  • Roles & Responsibilities

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Environmental Pressures
  • Conflicting Needs

  • Pre-Marriage Counsel
  • Re-Marriage Counsel
  • Being United
  • External Pressures

  • Finances
  • Sex
  • Boredom
  • Lack of Commitment
  • Adultery
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