I was neglected and abused in my childhood, misused in my adolescent years , became rebellious and bad decisions in my teenage and young adult years. At 29, I was completely disoriented. With your help, I have found myself. Now the new chapter in my life is being experienced. The saying that “God does not come but he sends” seems true. Thank Pastor George for your compassion, understanding, and Godly wisdom and guidance.

– Production Worker/Student

After 13 years of difficult, fragmented marriage relationship, financial troubles and in-laws conflicts, you have helped us to path or solving our problems. Though difficult at times, we are now in a greater way becoming one. We are active in forgiving, accepting and sharing love, respect and being more compassionate to each other. Humility and willingness to change for the better are becoming part of our character. We believe with you that the better is yet to come in our lives.

-Businessman and Doctor

We are from different ethnic background. It is our second marriage in a blended family unit, with four young teenagers. After the first three months, our house became a war zone. The police came in on few occasions, with your help we currently are able to experience peace family environment.

-Paralegal and Child Care Worker

I was born in a decent and respectful society. Separation and or divorce were never an option. When you helped me understand the heart of God concerning abuse, especially being married to spouse who is addicted, to drugs and alcohol, cannot hold a job, and is unwilling to seek help. My view changed. Your help to exit the marriage decently and in order, giving it a fair chance to work. Your help was a path to living above mediocrity. Thank you Pastor George.

-Accountant/Office Administrator

I was a production worker on midnight shift, married and working for minimum wages for close to ten years. With Pastor George’s coaching and encouragement, I found my God given talent, developed it. I started a small business, working on my own. Now I am President/project manager of a small company.

-Building Contractor