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Spiritual Warfare In Wilder World

by George Sukhdeo

We are living in an imperfect world, alongside imperfect people. The foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink are all polluted. The numerous world systems — capitalism, socialism, communism, democracy, apartheid, liberalism, humanism and others — are flawed. They help a little but do work against humanity as a whole. Added […]

Keys to Christian Couselling

by George Sukhdeo
7 Keys

There are seven vital keys to be applied in Christian counselling to in order to facilitate, healing, reconciliation and restoration. They are biblical and universal. Surveys reveal that the success rate of Christian counselling is remains at a high level of 85 percent. In order to maintain or increase this level of fruitfulness, these factors […]

Conflict Resolution 101

by George Sukhdeo

Conflict has been in every normal relation since the beginning of time and has been a common issue with which to deal. It has been experienced in intra-personal and interpersonal relationships. Intra-personal conflict can be noticeable by double mindedness, resulting engaging oneself in the things one does not want to do, not doing the things […]

Low Self Esteem & Inferiority

by George Sukhdeo

Feelings of inferiority and low self-esteem are built up over a period of many years and changes take some time. Nevertheless we help you get a colourful view of yourself as the way God sees you, and help you become the way you see yourself. We give you genuine support and approval, help you to […]

Blended Families

by George Sukhdeo

A blended family is formed when two single or divorced parents with children from a previous marriage or relation join their families together and live in one household. In first-world countries, especially North America, since World War I and II, men had to go to war and young women and mothers had to work in […]


by George Sukhdeo

Singles, you are not alone. There are over six million Canadians over eighteen years of age who have never been married. Over twelve million are single parents, most with children. They are not only single but most probably searching too. Fifty percent of people who have been married from three to five years are seeking […]

Deep Restoration

by George Sukhdeo

All of us have experienced traumas of some nature earlier in our lives, and some have not been resolved. Unfortunately, it affects us in our current life and relationships. They may have occurred in prenatal times or some time in the frame of the developmental stages of our life. Life’s traumas, if not dealt with […]


by George Sukhdeo

Marriage is God’s idea; it’s the first institution He established upon the face of the earth. It’s a place where a male and female can experience joy, peace, fulfillment, pleasure and fruitfulness. In this union, both parties have the opportunity to experience God’s blessings and be a blessing to each other and God. Marriage is […]

Restoration Prayer – Self Help Guide

by George Sukhdeo

BASIC STEPS OF DEEP RESTORATION PRAYER Various inner healing prayers have become increasingly common interventions in the form of Christian counselling and ministry. Some are used in mass sessions, in groups of a dozen or on an individual basis. 1. We commence the session with prayer and ask for the ministry of the Holy Spirit […]