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by George Sukhdeo

Infidelity can be likened to a flood that gradually creeps into a farmer’s field. If not dealt with appropriately from its commencement, it can result in great disaster. Like a tsunami, the flood comes in bringing everything that destroys: contaminated water, debris, dead animals and dangerous living creatures such as crocodiles, alligators, snakes or fire […]


by George Sukhdeo

Pre-marriage Counsel High priority Wise couples who wish to enjoy a happy, fruitful married life, live up to their vows of “ until death do we part” and eliminating the risk of divorce, place high priority on pre-marriage counsel. Statistics reveal that those who participate in pre-marriage counsel, though they face the same challenges as […]


by George Sukhdeo

Marriage is God’s idea; it’s the first institution He established upon the face of the earth. It’s a place where a male and female can experience joy, peace, fulfillment, pleasure and fruitfulness. In this union, both parties have the opportunity to experience God’s blessings and be a blessing to each other and God. Marriage is […]